Blinghair Free Hair & Cashback

Free Hair & Cashback

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How to Get Free Hair and Cash Reward

This program is set for customers who have ordered from Blinghair. We all believe reviews only from used customers are really trustworthy. There are 2 options for you.

Option 1: Submit an Instagram Video

Post a video (30-60 seconds) of you reviewing our hair on Instagram. We’d love to see you unboxing, combing/ brushing the hair, your installation process or a how-to video of you laying and slaying your Hair. Make sure to tag @blinghair01

Option 2: Submit a YouTube Video

Post a video on your YouTube channel and review our hair. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new packaging, to see you combing/ brushing the hair, how you install your hair or a tutorial video. Video content needs to be related to blinghair .and playback time is at least 2 minutes.Video title needs to add blinghair, The video's description box needs to add  Once you post qualified video ,contact our service, you’ll receive $20 cash reward within 3 working days . 



  • Your page must be public (we cannot verify content on private pages)
  • Videos must be in high definition
  • Once your video is submitted, you grant Blinghair the right to repurpose your content for marketing purposes. You will be credited.
  • Payment is made 2 working days after submission. For example, if you submit content on Mar 1st, you will be paid on Mar 3th (except weekend)