What kind of wig is best for beginners?

     Hair Wigs are proving to be a powerful fashion statement. Natural hair wig wearing has tremendously grown over the years. This is because of the benefits they offer. A wig can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, especially if the wig is high-quality, attractive, and flattering. 

     Women's wigs come in different lengths, densities, and colors. It all depends on what you are looking for.


     Cheap human wigs are also made of different materials. Some are made with human hair such as the transparent lace wig, while others are made with synthetic hair. 

     If you are new to wig wearing, you may be overwhelmed with a lot of information about wigs on the internet. This may confuse you even more. However, when purchasing a wig, look for a reputable retailer and choose the type and style that suits you. This article gives you more information about the kind of wigs that are ideal for beginners.

Let’s delve into them.

Why wear wigs?

     If you are new to wigs, you may be wondering if there are any reasons for wearing a hair wig. The truth is that there are plenty of reasons why many ladies prefer to wear wigs. Here are some of the reasons:

· A wig offers great convenience, especially to black women

· A wig can conceal hair issues, such as hair loss

· They come in different types and styles, so you can easily find the style that suits your needs

· They are cost-effective

· They will enhance your look

· A wig helps you say goodbye to bad hair days

· A wig protects your natural hair.

What kind of wig is best for beginners?

     Well, for beginners, you can’t just choose any wig that you set your eyes on. You have to be keen when choosing the wig. These are some of the key features of beginner-friendly wigs:

A wig with a glueless cap and elastic band

     It is no secret that many people don’t like to use glue simply because they don’t want to lose their edges. When one is new to wigs, they may apply too much glue to their hairlines. If you are just starting to wear wigs, it is recommended that you opt for wigs with glueless caps. These glueless caps have adjustable straps and a few combs or clips sewn inside, which can be used to secure the wig on your head and flatten the hairline. So you can wear it and secure it without having to use glue. Adding an elastic band to the glueless cap will also help better secure the wig on your head and flatten your hairline.


A wig with a frontal cap

     A lace frontal helps to create a natural parting and a natural-looking hairline. New wig wearers should opt for the lace frontals because they are easy to wear, compared to the lace closure. As a beginner, you wouldn’t like a wig that takes forever to wear, especially if you don’t have the time. Lace frontals are also larger than the lace closure, meaning it needs more hair. Although the lace frontals are more expensive, they are worth your money. 

Wigs with bleached knots

     When it comes to bleached knots, this is where visible hair knots on the wig are concealed. Bleached knots give an illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp. The bleaching of knots involves using chemicals that change the hair. It opens the cuticle and changes the color in a permanent chemical reaction. As a beginner, you may not know how to bleach the wig yourself, that’s why you need to choose wigs with bleached knots so that you just shake, apply, and go. 

A wig with pre-plucked hairline

     A pre-plucked wig is a type of wig that means the hairpiece comes with a natural hairline. As a beginner, when buying wigs, you may be afraid that they may not look natural. That’s why buying a pre-plucked wig such as the 13x4 lace front wig is the best option. Usually, the wigs are of the same density, so when sewing in the hair, you must trim the forehead hair to make it thin so that it can look like your own hair. So to save yourself the headache, you should buy a wig that’s already pre-plucked. 

A wig that’s easy to wear

     Of course, everyone wants a wig they can just shake, wear, and head out. So a wig that’s beginner-friendly should be easy to wear. Or better yet, it should be worn without using glue to avoid ruining the hairline. An easy to wear wig such as a headband wig will save you your precious time and it will require less effort.

How to choose the right wig

When choosing a wig, consider:


The material you want

     As mentioned above wigs are made of human hair or synthetic hair. Each one has its unique characteristics. But generally, human hair wigs are more expensive compared to synthetic hair. That’s because they are more durable, can give a natural look when installed correctly, and can be maintained just like natural hair. 

The size of the wig cap

     When you want to purchase a wig, you must know your correct capsize. So you need to measure your head size before you order your wig. 

The length

     Wigs come in different lengths to make it easy for you to choose one that suits your needs. The length of the wig will depend on your lifestyle. If you are an active person, you should opt for shorter and lightweight wigs. 

Tips for maintaining your wigs

     As a new wig wearer, remember that you should properly maintain your wig. Failure to do that can interfere with the wig’s lifespan, and it will look dull too. Here are some maintenance tips you can practice.

· Wash the wig using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners after every 7-10 times.

· Do not over-wash the wig

· When not wearing the wig, hung it on a mannequin head to maintain its shape

· Do not heat style the synthetic wigs

· Don’t apply too many hair products to the wig.