Which type of wig is the best?

In the world of fashion, wigs are rising in popularity day by day. They have now become a part and parcel for women. There are various styles of Hair wigs and extensions to choose from. Each type serves a special purpose a special someone. To get your perfect Instagram to look, you have to know about the best wig types. You also have to know about the factors that determine the best wig for your purpose. It is a must while shopping for wigs for yourself or others. You need to know about the types of hair, Different cap type, and mounting system, Size, and lengths of the wig, Different styles of wig Etc.

In this article, I will discuss with you about best wigs, How to choose the best wig for yourself, and where to buy these best human hair wigs.

Important Factors for Best Wigs:

Type of human hair

The most important factor for a wig is the quality of Hair. The quality of hair determines the durability of the wig. Different types of hair are used. The main types are Virgin Human Hair and Synthetic Hair.

Human hair is the most preferred type as it lasts longer than any other wig. Synthetic type wigs have their benefits like it costs much lower than human hair wigs.

Human Hair wigs are also divided into Certain types

  1. Brazilian Hair: Most popular type of hair having a special silky look and appearance.Very Smooth, Sleek, and soft hair. It gives a very natural look and texture for the consumer. Brazilian Hair has a very distinct thickness that's why it can perform different hairstyles. and hold curls excellently. Brazilian Hair is also very long-lasting and if you want to create and reinvent a new look, you can always use bundles.
  2. Indian Hair: Most standard and easily manageable type of hair available in the market. Mainly it's very thin, bouncy, and natural with very good blending properties with natural hair. Indian hair has a special glow that helps in creating a different type of wig like a straight hair wig, curly wig. That is the reason for versatile textures, shades of wigs made from Indian hair. The ventilation and Aeration are very good making users more comfortable.
  3. Peruvian Hair: Soft, Thick, and luxurious are the main features of Peruvian Hair. This hair combines admirably with African American, and natural as well as medium, coarse caucasian hair textures. Peruvian hair has the mixed features of Brazilian and Indian hair. The special coarseness of Brazilian Hair and the perfect silkiness of Indian hair is very well preserved in the case of Peruvian Hair.
  4. Malaysian Hair: Very soft, Fine, and silky hair. It is heavier and thicker than Indian hair. Malaysian Hair is also very softer ad silkier than Indian hair. Malaysian curly hair is most popular because it can hold curls very well. Decent luster quality makes it a perfect candidate for day to day uses.

Major types of Wigs

There are different types of wigs available in the market according to price. Human hair lace front wigs, Full lace wigs, 360 human hair wigs, headband wigs, and PU Skin wigs are the most popular.

  1. Full Lace Wigs have laces and adhesives to stick to. Lace tapes and straps can also be used if needed. It resembles a very natural look.
  2. Lace Frontal Wigs also have lace structure. But the lace is only present in the front. Lace frontal wigs have special clips to hold them in place. The thick cap structure of lace front wigs is also very unique. It also gives a very natural appearance.
  3. PU Skin Wigs are Glue or adhesive-free wigs. They are specially made from polyurethane. Polyurethane or PU Skin wigs are specially made for sensitive skins.

Major Cap structure mechanism of Wigs

  1. The full cap wigs are made from a special elastic base. It is also hand made. People having very little hair can use this type of wigs for a natural look and appeal. The front part of these wigs is made from special materials that reflect natural Human skin and hair. Thus it gives a very convincing appearance. It resembles well and creates the illusion of natural hair
  2. The open cap construction of wigs is also very popular in the wig industry. They are usually machine-made wigs preserving wefts of hair. Hairs are then stitched to a circular pattern onto elastic strips to form the cap-like shape.
    lace wig cap

Different colors of wigs

The perfect color for your wig depends on your skin, scalp, and face structure. Different shades and colors of wigs are present in the market to serve different purposes as transparent wigs go best with white women whereas blonde wigs are rising in popularity among African American women. Brown wigs also goes perfectly well with black women. Working women are now shifting towards black bob wigs. Bob cut wigs require very low maintenance.

Different Sizes of wigs

The perfect size of your preferred wig is also very important. It is most important because it completes your look. The size of the wig also determines the natural look and appeal. If the wig is too big, then it can have a loose grip on the head causing it to slip. Furthermore, If the wig is too small then it can give a look that doesn't look natural.

Choosing wigs according to face Shape

Different types of wigs complement different face types.

For pear-shaped face Human,bob wigs or any other short wig with bangs work like wonders.

But if you have an oval-shaped face you can always go with short blonde human hair wigs to headband wigs. If you want you can try and go with long wigs. All will serve you wonderfully.

At last as a conclusion always Prefer Human hair wigs as they last longer. Human hair wigs will also look natural despite having a high price. For cap type selection, Select the cap according to your budget. Always try to buy a wig that goes well with your skin, face, and scalp. Shades and textures of the wig should be chosen similarly.