How to Protect Your Natural Hair Under Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wig are favored by women all over the world to create a new look. There are many styles of human lace wigs on the market for people to choose from. Wigs human hair not only gave women the most natural look but also provided them with different styles to show off. So more and more women choose to buy human wigs. Will wearing wig damage my hair? How to protect your hair while wearing a wig? Do you have such a question? This blog introduces some tips on how to protect your real hair under human hair wigs for black women.


Wear a silk wig cap

Wear Lace human hair Wigs 

Wash your hair under human hair wig regularly

Trim your hair under human wig regularly

Choose right size human hair wigs

Keep your hair dry while wearing a wig

~Wear a silk wig cap

A wig cap helps keep your hair smooth, safe, and comfortable under a wig. In addition, they absorb sweat and act as a protective barrier between sensitive scalps and wigs. Choosing the right wig cap will protect your hair and give you a relaxed natural hairline. Wearing a silk wig cap can protect your scalp and hairline, reduce the friction from installation and human hair wigs. A cotton material wig cap will be not recommended because cotton will absorb the water and oil from your natural hair, make your hair dry.

~Wear Lace human hair Wigs

Wigs need to be breathable to avoid the airtight buildup of sweat on the scalp. Natural hair needs to be properly ventilated.Human hair lace wigs are the best choice. Human Hair Lace Frontal wigs and 360 lace human hair wigs have good air permeability and can give you a comfortable experience.

~Wash your hair under human hair wig regularly

Wearing a wig for a long time can make the scalp feel sweaty, causing hair and scalp grease and dirt. If not cleaned, it can lead to clogged pores, bacteria growing on the scalp, and hair damage. So appropriate need to wash hair, keep the scalp clean and healthy. You can wash your hair once a week, but don't wash it too often.

~Trim your hair under human wig regularly

Cutting off split ends does not make your hair grow faster; it helps to improve the healthiness of your hair, hence promoting its growth. You can trim it once every 1-2 months. A regular trim can help keep your hair fresh at all times. It helps reduce the damage caused by split ends and prevents natural knots in your hair.

~Choose right size human hair wigs

The size of your wig is important, and a tight wig can give you a taut feel, which can damage your hairline and cause headaches. Loose wigs can give people a shivering feeling, which is bad for hair growth. You can choose the right size for your head size. bling hair sells cheap human hair wigs that adjust the size of your head and save you a lot of trouble.

~Keep your hair dry while wearing a wig

Wet environments are the right breeding places for fungi and bacteria. Dampness can also lead to the development of mold on your natural hair. Wearing a wig lacks proper ventilation and damp hair can create an unpleasant smell. It makes sure you dry it thoroughly to avoid these problems.


Wearing a wig brings many benefits. It can add to your personal charm and help to compensate for some hair loss, hair loss, or alopecia. However, they can also damage your natural hair if not used properly. When looking for a beautiful wig, pay attention to your natural hair.

Thank you for your reading.