How does a headband wig work?

      There are plenty of wigs in the hair market today. If you are planning to buy a human hair wig, you should consider buying a headband wig. Headband wigs have recently become very popular. And there is a reason for that. Human hair headband wigs are incredibly beautiful and can give you a more natural look. They also don’t require glues or adhesives to secure them, this makes these hair wigs the perfect choice for people who are allergic to glues and wigs. 


      First things first: what is a headband wig and how does it work? Well, keep on reading the article to learn more about this beautiful and popular wig.

What is a headband wig?

      A headband wig is a type of wig that is made with a piece of a material that resembles a headband. You use the headband to secure the wig and not fasteners and clips which are usually used to secure most regular wigs. 

      A headband wig is one the best wigs in the hair website since it requires no glues or adhesives, which may damage your scalp. Besides, this type of wig is so easy to wear. It can take even less than an hour to wear a headband wig. 

Why should you buy a headband wig?

      Perhaps you are asking yourself why you should buy a headband wig. If you are not yet convinced as to why you should buy a headband wig, here are some reasons that may prompt you to do so.


They are glueless

      This is probably one of the main reasons why many people opt for headband wigs over other regular wigs. As mentioned above, headband wigs are glueless, so you don’t have to use glue or adhesive to put them in place. You simply secure them using the headband. It is no secret that these glues and adhesives can sometimes be harmful to the scalp. So by not using them, you will be able to protect your scalp. If you are looking for a wig that is both beautiful and does not require the use of glue or adhesive, you should choose a headband wig. Moreover, if you are allergic to these glues, the headband wig is the ideal wig for you.

They are easy to wear

      Another reason why you should get yourself a headband wig is that it is easy to wear compared to many other types of human hair lace front wigs. With braided headband wigs, there is no lace at the front to be cut which can consume much of your time. Additionally, you don’t have to waste more time applying glue or adhesive. All you have to do is put on your wig, tie the headband, and style it as you wish. It’s pretty simple. So if you are new to wigs and still don’t know all about cutting, attaching, and applying glue, a headband wig is your perfect option.

They conceal hair loss

      People generally experience hair loss for different reasons, including alopecia, chemotherapy, medications, genes, etc. Hair loss can affect one’s self-esteem. So if you are suffering from hair loss, a headband wig can help conceal your hair loss. The headband that is used to keep the wig in place can help conceal hair loss. 

How to choose a headband wig?

      Here is a step-by-step guide to help you choose a headband wig:


Determine the size you want

      When you want to buy a headband wig, you need to ensure that you choose the right size. A headband wig that correctly fits will not only look natural but will enhance your looks too. To ensure that you get the right size, you need to take the measurements of your head and measure them against the wig’s measurements.

Pay attention to the color

      Headband wigs come in various colors, including brown, black, maroon, chocolate, etc. It is advisable to choose the color that complements your skin tone. If you are new to wigs human hair, it is also advisable to choose a color that is closer to your natural skin complexion to ease the transition. You can choose more daring colors as you get used to wearing wigs.

Choose which material you want

      Headband wigs are made from either synthetic hair or human hair. Both of these materials have their pros and cons. Generally, headband wigs made with human hair are the best in the market because they are high-quality, long-lasting, durable, and easy to maintain. However, they tend to cost more than synthetic headband wigs. Another thing, the material of your wig will determine how often you will wear your wig and how you will be styling it. For instance, synthetic headband wigs cannot be permed or bleached. So if you are not on a tight budget, you can go for a human hair headband wig.

Determine your budget

      Headband wigs generally have a varying cost depending on the material it is made with, its length, and density. Headband wigs made of human hair with a higher density generally cost more. But they will give you that voluminous look. So before you buy your headband wig, you need to determine your budget and see how much you are willing to spend on a wig. 

How to wear a headband wig?

      Installing a headband wig is a very simple procedure to follow.


Make sure your hair is flat underneath

      First things first: you need to ensure that your hair underneath is flat if you want the wig to look as natural as possible. Whether you opt for braids, cornrows, or back bun, make sure that your hair is very flat so that your unit can lay flat.

Put the wig on

      Put the wig directly on top of your head, and then roll the hair to the front. Adjust the tightness of the headband. Also, adjust the Velcro on the inside of the wig to match the size of your head.

Wear your headband

      Comb the human hair of the headband wig and wear your headband over the wig 

      Wearing a headband wig is as simple as such. It is so amazing how you can change your looks within a few minutes, thanks to the headband wig.