Deep Wave and Loose Wave Hair: More Than Just Labels

Nowadays, there are many styles of wave hair, such as curly, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, water wave and so on. When buying human hair wigs or human hair bundles, many customers will face multiple choices. Which one would be better? Which one is best for me? In the last blog we compared deep wave and water wave.We will show you the differences between loose wave and deep wave hair in this blog,in order to help you make the wisest option.

1.What Is Deep Wave Hair?

Deep wave is a bouncy, sexy and classic wavy hairstyle. Although a lot of people confuse this textured hairstyle with loose waves, muscle waves and natural waves, the main difference of deep wave hair is that the curls or waves are tighter than all of the above.

Undoubtedly, this is a wonderful texture that is luxurious and accentuates your appearance.

- 100% human hair

- Hair source: Vietnam, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Peru

2. The Characteristics of the Deep Wave Hair

1. Double weft, tight and neat, not easy tangle, not easy shedding.

2. The curls follow the same direction.

3. High elasticity, shiny, bouncy, healthy

4. Long lifespan: the hair can last up to 12 months

5. Thick and full at the end, no split end

6. 100% human hair, can be colored and restyle

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3.Pros of Deep Wave Hair

- Coiled Pattern: A well-defined, consistent wave pattern that creates a deep, wavy, and tight texture. Deep wave hair has a healthy volume and perfect choice for those who wish for healthy thick hair styles.

- Healthy texture: Deep wave hair has shiny and voluminous texture and blends well with most hair types especially those with a similar wavy or curly pattern.

- Glam Appearance: For women, who like glam and chic hairstyles, deep wave hair is the best decision then.

- Rich Volume: Deep waves have the ability to add rich and healthy volume to your thin sleek hair. They give a new life to your boring hair.

4.What is loose weave hair?

Loose wave is a kind of wave hairstyle that is loose and also usually has huge curls. People often get confused since the hairstyle is the same as that of the body wave hair. But you must be aware that the loose wave has a bit tighter curl as compared to body wave hairs, that is why many girls who love tighter hair prefer loose body curl. This is the main difference between loose wave and body wave hair.

Loose wave hair is neither too tight nor too straight. The reason why most users prefer loose hair is that they are normally fluffier and more natural. The kind of hair is created neat and tight to get rid of shedding. Created from purely human hair, the loose wave is nicely bouncy and thick. You will have the full ends that appear healthy and will get no split ends.
- 100% human hair

- Hair source: Vietnam, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Peru

5.Pros of Loose Wave

- Natural bouncy pattern: Loose waves create a natural and effortless appearance, resembling the relaxed and carefree waves that occur naturally in some individual’s hair. This gives a laid back and beachy vibe, perfect for those who prefer a more casual and relaxed style.

- Versatility: Loose waves are versatile and can be styled in various ways. You can wear them down for a romantic and effortless look or create different updos styles for more formal occasions.

- Face Framing: The waves in a loose wave hairstyle often frame the face beautifully, drawing attention to your facial features and enhancing your natural beauty.

- Fuller Look: The relaxed beachy ups and downs in loose waves gives the fuller, voluminous look to your hair and is best for those women who have thin sleek hair and want to add joy to their hair.

6.Deep Wave VS Loose Wave:What is The Difference

The degree of loose wave curls are less defined than deep wave hair. Loose wave hair have a bigger curls and less tight compared to deep wave hair.

Curl Direction
Loose wave hair have different direction curls. While deep wave hair all curls are in one direction. This is their most obvious difference.

Both require daily cleaning and maintenance to maintain the life and wave pattern of the wig. About the maintenance, loose waves are easier to care for and require less maintenance than deep waves.

7.Deep Wave VS Loose Wave:How to Choose

When choosing between deep wave and loose wave hair textures, several factors should be taken into account:

Hair Type and Texture
Consider your natural hair type and texture. Deep wave hair may be more suitable for individuals with naturally curly or wavy hair, as it blends seamlessly with their existing hair pattern. On the other hand, loose wave hair can complement a wider range of hair types, including straight hair.

Styling Preference
Think about your preferred style and the level of maintenance you are willing to commit to. Deep wave hair requires more attention and styling efforts to maintain its defined curls. Loose wave hair, on the other hand, offers a more versatile and low-maintenance option, allowing you to achieve various hairstyles with minimal effort.

Occasion and Lifestyle
Consider the occasion or your lifestyle. Deep wave hair is often chosen for special events or occasions where a more glamorous and sophisticated look is desired. Loose wave hair, on the other hand, is suitable for everyday wear, casual outings, or a relaxed beach vacation.
Caring for Wave Hair
Regardless of which texture you choose, proper hair care is essential to keep your hair bundles or wigs in good condition.

Here are some general care tips:

1. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle the hair gently.

2. Avoid excessive heat styling to prevent damage to the hair extensions.

3. Use sulfate-free and moisturizing hair products to keep the waves hydrated and healthy.

4. Protect the hair while sleeping by using a satin or silk bonnet or pillowcase.

Alternative Hair Patterns:

Straight: The straight hair texture is characterized by sleek and smooth strands that flows in a straight lines without any curls or waves. This hair type offers a classic and permanent appearance, it is a versatile option that can be easily styled by heat tools like curling iron into various hairstyles. Straight hair is known for its natural shine the glossy shiny texture.

Body Wave: Body wave hair has gentle waves that flows smoothly and resemble natural women S shape body waves. The waves are larger and more relaxed compared to other wave patterns, creating a soft and subtle texture. It adds volume and movement to the hairstyle, giving a glamorous and sophisticated appearance.

Water Wave:The water wave hair texture features soft, gentle waves that resemble the ripples created when water flows. It has a natural and effortless appearance, providing a relaxed vibe.

Kinky Curly:Kinky curly hair is known for its tight, coiled curls that have a natural look. The curls are tightly packed together, creating a voluminous and bold texture. This texture requires special care and maintenance to keep the curls defined and moisturized.


Loose waves are relaxed and tend to flow down the hair shaft in a cascading manner. Deep waves have smaller, more compact curls that create a tighter pattern. Loose waves give a voluminous and flowing look to the hair. On the other hand, the deep waves give a more polished and controlled look to the hair.

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